The Bank
For One Billion People

We envision a world where people, no matter where they are, can save, share and send money to anywhere in the world. For Free!
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Not your average Mobile Wallet

Topos reinvents banking. You will be able to pool your money together with Friends and Family and become your own local Bank.
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Safe and Borderless Saving Accounts.
Zero Cost Remittances. Sending and receiving money is FREE.
Control over your Money. By pooling your Funds together with people you trust, you become your own Bank Branch.

Topos brings Banking where there is none

A global network of Coin Desks, extending credit to each other to offer saving accounts, remittances and to service redemptions anywhere in the world. Especially where there is no infrastructure in place.
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Our Benefits

Global Account,
Local Liquidity
Topos operates through a network of ultra local Coin Desks around the world. At every Coin Desk, you will be able to open an account, deposit and withdraw your money in local currency with no extra cost.
Your money is safe, kept at local level in your currency, and is always available. You can now earn top interest rates on your deposits. Every Coin Desk is required to put in escrow an amount of money equal to the desposits it holds. This way, the network is always liquid and solvent.
Send and Receive Money, at no cost
Zero Cost Remittances. Sending and receiving money between Topos users is FREE, no Forex or hidden fees. Transactions are financed by the economic benefits of using the system.
Share Accounts
You can now create a sub account and grant access it for your family members. This way, access to the funds will be safe, instant and you will be in control of how money is spent.
As part of the Topos Network, you can withdraw your money at every Coin Desk. Both in your local currency or in another one if you are travelling abroad.

Meet the Founding Team

Over 40 years of combined experience in fintech, distributed systems and blockchain. Our founders previously built an international fintech business, acquired in 2011 by Western Union.
Julian Lenz
Marco Muccini
Sean Braithwaite

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